Event Planning Concepts

Months of preparation and meticulous planning, at Christmas every family becomes a small event agency. Gifts have to be procured, food planned, invitations given, a tree bought – the to-do list is long.

What Christmas and event planning have in common?

One, people who don’t usually get together, get together. People from all over Germany, often from all over the world, like to meet at one place for an important and industry-relevant event. Therefore a long journey or a long journey time is gladly accepted. In order to be able to unpack presents and drink punch together with the family, the hours spent in a train or plane are also often pushed into the background. Christmas is on most people’s personal must-go event list of the year.

Learning number 1: At Christmas and at events, people come together who otherwise would not get together. Good conversations are inevitable!

Be prepared for all eventualities

Too late for a Christmas tree? There are no more Christmas goose to buy in the shops? Spontaneity is in demand. Decorating the houseplant with a string of lights and a Christmas chicken – all this has already been done. A speaker cancels at short notice? There is a power failure in the location? Improvisation is not only required at Christmas, but also at events.

Learning number 2: Not everything always goes according to plan. Nevertheless, don’t lose your nerve and find solutions!

 The thing with the location

There is hardly a date that is as fiercely contested as Christmas. Get a place in your favourite restaurant with your family during the holidays? Almost impossible. Up to one year in advance must be reserved here to make this dream come true. Connections and timely planning pay off here. The connection to event planning – more than obvious.

Learning number 3: Plan your location in time.

When gluten intolerance and veganism meet

The list of possible intolerances, allergies or eating habits is long. At a banquet, however, nobody should have to leave the table hungry. The aunt with lactose intolerance, the daughter with gluten intolerance and the vegetarian eating son-in-law – to combine this in a Christmas dinner is a challenge. You shouldn’t forget these people at your event either. Sitting in an afternoon lecture with an empty stomach clouds the mood, no matter how well the choice of speakers was made.

Learning number 4: Don’t give food a subordinate role.

It is beautiful, but also beautiful when it is over

Christmas planning can be quite exhausting and the amount of work is often underestimated. After the turbulent Christmas season, it is also nice when things become more relaxed again. Because even the most beautiful and stressful time is over.

Learning number 5: The next Christmas – and the next event is sure to come.

The one decisive difference

More parallels can be drawn between Christmas and the planning of a business event than are apparent at first glance. Nevertheless, Christmas should be a time of contemplation with family and friends. The food was a few minutes too long in the oven, a train delay or a forgotten gift? Your family will forgive you. It looks different at an event. Focus on planning once a year and enjoying Christmas.

Check promptly whether your plans are feasible

Make sure you have enough budget and staff available. Your event team should also be set up accordingly: Does each team member have the appropriate capacity to implement the plan? Our tip: With a checklist for the time frame, the ToDos and the responsible team member, you can track developments at any time. It also gives your employees an overview of their own tasks and the timetable.

Communicate your event to the target group

In order to draw the attention of your target group to your event as early as possible, event marketing should be carried out promptly after event planning. What should you pay attention to?

Align the content and the message with your event

Don’t just send an invitation to your event. To be remembered by potential participants, contact them more often. Use the next steps to do this.  Content marketing enables you to pass on event content with added value. This creates trust and strengthens the bond to your event.

Event marketing without Web 2.0 is possible, but not so successful nowadays. Optimize your online marketing to reach the target group not only via print. E-mail marketing is still a strong channel to address your potential participants in a targeted and personal way. Campaign several times to convince your target group of the advantages of your event.

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