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How to use Instagram effectively for your business and get the most out of the new Instagram Stories is covered in this article. Finally, to get you started, we’ll tell you which apps are best for editing your photos for Instagram.

Today, Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. In some industries, it’s almost impossible to succeed without this social network. Users are expected to be present on Instagram. If you’re not, you lose many potential customers.

As James Quarles (VP & GM of Monetization, Instagram) explained at dmexco 2016, modern technologies have improved two things: expressions and networking. When people share their photos or videos on Instagram, they connect with their followers on a personal level. The followers observe in real time what happens in the lives of others. They feel they know each other personally, although they may never meet. So even large companies get a human face. Instagram offers excellent storytelling opportunities, which have been further enhanced with the one-minute videos and Instagram Stories.

This is also good news for Instagram Business. Companies can tell stories on Instagram to carry the voice of the company to the outside world. Not only do they show potential customers, but they also show job candidates how ”cool” the company really is. The benefits for the brand image can hardly be quantified.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling literally means telling stories. Even our earliest ancestors knew storytelling, as their cave paintings show. Pictures and videos are more effective than texts because they appeal more to the emotions and the senses. Interesting and touching stories evoke emotions and lead to more interaction. And that’s exactly what companies need – committed customers who like to give Likes and remain loyal to the company.

When they buy Instagram story views that were presented in August 2016, the possibilities for companies to use the platform for storytelling have once again improved significantly. Instagram Stories only allow photos and videos taken in the last 24 hours. After one day they disappear again and have to be replaced by new stories.

Instagram for storytelling

Who’s been using Instagram for storytelling forever and who’s doing it really well
Among the pioneers or “early adopters” on Instagram are Starbucks, Red Bull, Burberry, Levi’s and other major brands. Burberry is a high-level storyteller: the iconic British brand combines videos and photos to present the company’s history and traditions in an appealing way.

The appealing pictures convey a harmonious overall impression of the company and are also colour-coordinated. Benefit Germany does not only post its own pictures, but also photos of employees, brand ambassadors and customers as well as famous quotations. Benefit not only uses normal popular hashtags, but also creates its own brand hashtags such as #lifeatbenefit.

Tips for storytelling

Okay, storytelling is important, and we’ve seen some examples. But how do you actually do that? There is no right or wrong. You tell the story of your brand, your customers, your life. How could this story be wrong? Nevertheless, there are a few good tips for storytelling that will help you to create more commitment with attractive content:

Make the pictures/videos part of a bigger story
Wake up with pictures/videos Emotions
Invite comments with pictures/videos that help to understand the story or pick it up in a different way
Ask the followers questions and answer their comments.

The new Instagram Stories do not necessarily have to be professionally prepared. The main thing is that they report the latest news from the brand’s life or share important information with their followers. Photos and videos can also include comments and drawings that are also suitable for step-by-step instructions. Stories are therefore a good tool for storytelling.

Storytelling and influencers

Another reason that Instagram is good for companies is that you can find good influencers there. Many industry experts expect influencer marketing to become a major part of the customer journey over the next two years. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for potential influencers who may still be in the early stages of success. They can later become valuable brand ambassadors.

When Influencers tell your story on their Instagram accounts, their activity becomes part of your story. And vice versa: if you share pictures of your influencers, you will be identified with them. That’s why they have to fit in well with your feed. You need to carefully select the right influencers whose mission and storytelling methods fit your vision of the world.

Instagram for Business: more statistics in your profile

Recently, Instagram Business was rolled out globally. A traditional profile can easily be transformed into a business profile for free. The only requirement is a fan page on Facebook, which every company should have anyway. The Instagram Business Account category is identical to the Facebook Page category.

What are the benefits of Instagram Business? First, it’s much easier to contact a brand or person because there’s a special button for that now. An email address in the description is no longer necessary. There is therefore more space for appealing text.

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