Most Important Gardening Tools

When you look into the DIY store you are overwhelmed with offers and options. “You have a garden? Then you need this and that! Absolutely! But do you really need all this? We have taken a very sober look at the tool shed and today we will tell you the 10 most important gardening tools!

Before buying: What does my garden look like?

Before you get to know the encyclopedia, garden centre or the Internet, you should first take stock of your own garden. Which means: Which plants are there? What does the soil look like? Do I have a lot of lawn, a hedge or beds? And if the situation is not satisfactory – what should change?

The background to these considerations is that tools such as pruning shears are not needed if there is no tree anywhere in the garden. The condition of the soil, on the other hand, helps in choosing the right shape for the individual gardening tool. If, for example, the soil is rather heavy, the tools must be robust enough so that they do not wear out too quickly.

What areas are there for gardening tools?

There are a total of 8 groups of gardening tools, grouped according to the type of work they do. A good rule of thumb is that one or two different tools from each group should be in their own tool shed.

Equipment for soil and earthworks
Equipment for soil loosening, soil care and weed control
planting aids
cutting tools
transport aids
Equipment for lawn care
irrigation equipment
Other useful accessories for gardening

The most important gardening tools

In principle, less is more in the garden. Because the really good tools are usually a bit more expensive, so you can’t buy every piece from the shelves. The really essential tools that every hobby gardener needs, no matter how big his green oasis is, we have collected here.


Whether for digging or digging holes – a spade is the gardener’s best friend! Be sure to use a sturdy handle with a T or D handle. If you put the upper arm against the upper body and hold the spade by hand from above, the lower arm should be parallel to the ground and the spade should be straight – then the size is perfect!


Depending on the use and garden, it can be a large shovel to transport a lot of excavated soil, or a smaller shovel to plant flowers and other small plants. Who has to decide and already has the spade in the shopping basket, should rather take the small planting helper.

Rake or digging fork

The soil must be loosened every now and then. With a digging fork, this is very easy and back-friendly possible. Also a rake can take over this task. Both tools also help with weed control, but the rake is a bit more precise.


Whether foliage or lawn cuttings – a rake always makes a good inventory! A real rake can be recognized by the fan-shaped arrangement of the tines. If the tines are straight in a line, similar to a comb, it is a rake!

Weed Trowels

Actually, it’s just a handle with tines arranged in a circle. But a weed-taker is so much more! It helps – depending on the length of the handle – to remove unpleasant weeds from the garden. Especially for deep-rooted plants like dandelion this tool is very practical!


Whether it’s the hedge, the roses or the trees – scissors are available in many different designs for all areas of application. Having one or two in the house is a good idea. The choice is always based on the individual requirements.

Axe or pruning shears

Whether you want to cut down a tree, shorten it or just remove a few branches – the appropriate tools must of course be available. The axe can be used with both hands on the handle, the axe can also be used with one hand. A pruning shear can also be used for woody shrubs. Another alternative would be the branch saw. Either way: one or two representatives of this category should be available as needed.

Watering can

Beds want to be watered, especially when freshly planted residents still want to settle down there. If you don’t want to walk back and forth between the water connection (or even better: the rain barrel), you can of course use the garden hose as an alternative.

Lawn mower

If the majority of the garden consists of a simple green area, this needs to be maintained as well. A lawnmower is therefore a good investment. These are available in hand-operated, but also in electric form or with a petrol engine. If you like it very accurate, you can reach for the lawn edge scissors last.


Of course – if you want to prune trees, pick fruit or maybe attach a climbing aid for the roses to the house wall, you need a ladder. There are many different variations – freestanding, for leaning on, for pulling out.

Nice-to-Have Garden Tools

If that’s still not enough for you, we’ll give you three more tips.

A wheelbarrow is extremely practical – in an emergency it can also be borrowed from a neighbour, but why not be the neighbour yourself?
Not free from giddiness? No problem! With a fruit picker you don’t necessarily have to climb around at great heights.

We have already illuminated gardening that is easy on the back. There are different types of cushions and pads so that the knees are not strained too much.

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