The best card games of all time

The best card games of all time combine three things: they are easy to understand. They use the deck of cards creatively. And they are varied, even after the tenth round. So exactly the opposite of why your Rommé, Solitaire and Double-Head games get dusty in your closet.

So you’re looking for good card games. Those that you can play both in a relaxed round with your family on Sunday afternoon. But also those that can develop into a competitive spectacle among your friends – even without alcohol and a drinking game version.

Why I’ll never play Skat or Jass again

Yes, classics like Jass or Skat are fun. Yes, they are the most popular card games. And no, I never want to play them again. Why? Because I’ve already played them too many times. Everything has happened before.

I was incredibly overexcited in Skat and still won, registered the biggest Wies in Jass, played a perfect round without losing any points. But at some point I realized that the games were repeating themselves. And if I don’t like one thing in games, it’s the lack of excitement to discover something new.

So I decided: Never again Jass or Skat – not as long as there are so many other funny card games. In the course of time I discovered some of them. While some are more suitable for brain teasers, others live from the fast action. To each his own.

The best card games

That’s why my selection of the best card games of all time is well mixed. For each game I make a clear recommendation – who should buy it, who shouldn’t. Have you found a great card game? Then write it to me and I’ll take a look!

Linko (Abluxxen) – the card game for cheeky families with children
Children are taught not to steal. Normally. But Linko has different laws – the one who steals the most will be rewarded! But woe betide you not to get rid of your cards before the end of the game.

Then you are not only exposed as a thieving magpie, but also as the worst player. Because the Abluxxen has only success, if you can bring your collected cards also again to the man.

The game principle is quickly explained: Higher numbers beat the same number of cards with lower numbers. Understand? Let’s go! Linko (Abluxxen) needs fewer words and is therefore best suited for a quick game in between.

Especially children have fun to annoy the adults. A creative and beautiful card game for families!

Bohnanza – For young capitalists and relentless hagglers

Bohnanza takes the exciting part of Monopoly – trading – and wraps it in an entertaining board game. No annoying dice without change, no hours of games.

Instead, you trade beans. And as well as possible. Because if you sell your home-grown beans too early, you’ll miss the big profit on the highly competitive bean market.

With Bohnanza you don’t just have fast fun in between. You also have the unique opportunity to show your children how to act in a playful way in practice. If you like to play in front of yourself, don’t touch Bohnanza. Because communication is the focus – and makes for a few laughs.

7 Wonders – You would have led Rome better than Julius Caesar?

With 7 Wonders you become king of an ancient city. And as it was in antiquity, you will not be able to avoid negotiations, war and intrigues. But that is what is desired. For under your leadership the ancient cities would certainly not have perished. Leave traces on the planet with your architectural wonder of the world.

As a mooring game 7 Wonders is suitable for strategists. For tacticians. For connoisseurs and freaks of world history. And a round doesn’t even go incredibly long. Perfect if you want to spare your voice – little is said. So children should be a little older. A great mixture of board and card game with learning effect.

The Game – Can you beat The Game?

In The Game you don’t play against each other. No. You try to beat THE PLAY together with all your might. Because it challenges you. You have to coordinate, hold together and tactically cleverly in order to put all the cards on the pile at the end. Otherwise, you’ll lose after just a few minutes. A creative concept and deserves to be nominated for the Game of the Year 2015. Visit for more card games!

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