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The crown on Musical.ly was a kind of award that not everyone had next to their profile picture. Selected “Muser” they got, but to Tik Tok the crown was not transferred. Here you can find the “Verification Badges”. We have collected tips, information and warnings for you.

Already at Musical.ly one could only speculate, according to which criteria the crown was awarded. Similar to the blue hook at Instagram the sign was to be seen primarily beside the profile picture of stars and well-known Musern with very many followers. Meanwhile there is the crown no more and instead now new “awards” are to be seen.

Tik Tok: Orange hooks instead of the crown

Although Tik Tok no longer has the crown, you can earn other “badges” for it. Instead of a small golden crown next to the profile picture, Tik Tok now has orange hooks and a title like “Verified Account” or “Popular Creator” next to it.

As already before with the crown, one can only guess who receives such awards for what. That a “Popular Creator” must be popular and have a certain amount of fans and hearts is probably clear.

And a “Verified Account” is exactly that: an account where the company behind Tik Tok has made sure who is behind it. This probably has something to do with the so-called “Diamond Program”, where members can receive coins and exchange them for money.

When such a favourite of the fans first gets paid out five-digit sums every month, the makers already want to know who owns the account. In addition, such a check ensures that there are no name or identity thefts.

How do you become a “popular creator” with Tik Tok or get a verified account?

There are a lot of recipes in circulation how to become popular with Tik Tok, get a lot of fans and with which ideas you can stand out from others. These are all mixtures of speculation and common sense.

Of course, it’s always good to keep an eye on trends and hashtags. But if you do that and then post the 500th video with a slow-motion of your hair thrown back or a dance on a staircase, it’ll make people yawn at best.

So the tip of the self-proclaimed “influencer gurus” is: Set trends! Invent something new yourself. Yes, no, that’s clear. It’s child’s play. Suuuper tip!

Which definitely helps to make you more popular with Tik Tok and maybe one day a “popular creator”:

Use hashtags, especially those that are trendy right now. Also, use hashtags that have a certain message, such as #freetoduet, with which you say that you would be happy to have a duet.

Post lots of clips. The more, the better. People want to see something and if possible not always the same. Focus on the recognition value. The more clips people watch, the more likely they are to follow you and spread hearts.

Shoot duets with others and leave “Reaction Videos”. This video tip will show you what this is:

Unfortunately, there are no official forms on which you can apply for verification or upgrading of your account.

Warning: Keep your hands off Tik-Tok hacks!

There are always sites on the internet that promise you a “Tok-Tok-Like-Hack”, “Crown-Hack” or “Coin-Hack”. You should keep your hands off such offers for several reasons.

On the one hand this is of course forbidden to buy tiktok likes and if you are caught, you will be blocked. You are rid of your account and with it all fans, hearts or coins.

On the other hand this is a massive security problem. Many of these sites offer you something they don’t really do. Instead, you are asked to provide your username and password, so that they can supposedly transfer coins or fans to you. In fact, your account will only be stolen and you will be rid of it. For good reason you can’t even complain to Tik Tok.

Who is your top star on Musical.ly?

Baby Ariel, Lena and Lisa or Lukas Rieger – now there are numerous stars, celebrities and well-known names on Musical.ly and the social media app no longer has to hide from Snapchat or Twitter. Which one is your favourite?

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