Sometimes you’re just unlucky and the horror scenario unfortunately becomes reality: You catch exactly the hotel room in which bedbugs live. In this article I’ll explain how you proceed in such a case.

Small and mean – bedbugs in a hotel

Meeting bedbugs on holiday can spoil your trip – you have to be prepared for that! Adult, they are 5 to 9 millimetres tall, have six legs and a razor-sharp proboscis. Their preference: human blood (your warm-blooded pets, on the other hand, are rarely visited by them). They can live for weeks without food and are therefore hungry when someone finally joins them. Once a bedbug is in the room, the vermin multiplies very quickly.

Bedbugs can also appear in your home’s four walls and find their way into your apartment with used furniture, for example. But they are mainly dragged along by journeys. Wrapped deep in their luggage in the shallows of your suitcase, some animals jump off board at every stop and create their own new colony. Especially in hotels and hostels, bedbugs are often infested for this reason.

Holidaymakers travel from place to place and often unconsciously transport bedbugs from one country to another. For example, highly frequented trade fair hotels and hostels with many international guests are particularly at risk – even if hygiene is a top priority.

Lack of Hygiene

The spread of bedbugs has little to do with a lack of hygiene. In cheaper accommodations, however, the danger is usually greater, because people there like to save the costs for professional pest control. But even five hotel stars do not protect against bedbugs. Even the award-winning 5-star “Waldorf-Astoria” in Manhattan had to hire pest controllers a few years ago.

In the internet there are even some pages, which show you, in which hotels bedbugs have been fought before. For example the website “bedbugregistery”, which lists hotels in the USA that have had bedbugs before. Naturally there are also very respectable photos in addition. I warned you! In general, it can be said that bug problems mostly occur in big cities. In France, the USA, but also in Germany more and more hotel guests complain about the annoying bed companions.

This is how you discover the crawling animals

If you are afraid to meet bedbugs on holiday, you can at least make some provisions with the following tips on Denver Exterminator Services. But beware: If it’s itchy and your skin is covered with red spots, it’s usually already too late. At least for next week, because that’s how long you’ll have to deal with the itchy red wheals. This type of insect bite is often confused with bites from other parasites, such as mosquitoes or fleas. If you want to make sure you’ve had the pleasure of bedbugs, look out for the following clues:

Bug Street

The stings caused by a bed bug form fingernail to thumb thick itchy hives, mostly on uncovered body parts such as arms, legs, neck or face. Often the stings run in a row-like arrangement, also called bug street.

Blood spots

The sting of a bed bug usually hits a human blood vessel, blood escapes and is absorbed by the bed bugs. A few drops always reach the bed sheet or the cover.

Dung stains

Inspect your bed and the bed frame, but also the wallpaper for small black dots. In all probability, these are fecal stains from bedbugs.

Sweet smell

Bedbugs emit a penetrating sweet smell through their “stink glands”. In combination with funny black dots you can be pretty sure that bedbugs are hiding here.

Even if you don’t find any of these factors, it’s always a good idea never to pack or unpack your luggage near the bed. If the vermin is still in the room, make sure it finds its way into your suitcase if it’s near the bed.

Treating bedbug bites

If, despite all precautions, you suddenly discover a “bug road” on your skin and the itching (which in the vast majority of cases remains) almost makes you lose your mind, don’t despair and best of all: don’t scratch! Because by scratching the bites do not only become bloody, they can also ignite. To relieve itching and prevent scratching, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic creams, preferably with antihistamines, will help you. In particularly bad and stubborn areas, antibiotics are also recommended to treat the skin locally.

Fighting bedbugs effectively

If you actually find bedbugs in the hotel, it reports directly to hotel staff and changes rooms. If the circumstances are so bad that you can neither change the hotel nor the room, it is best to have your bedbugs spray in your trouser pocket right away – a means that actually works effectively against bedbugs. You spray the insects’ hiding places, the areas around the hiding places and the transitions between them. In short: the whole bed.

Most sprays are intended for the removal of any vermin, such as fleas, silverfish, ants, ticks, etc. I can recommend the Bayer Special Spray. The smell is very compatible and it works quite fast and reliable. It can be sprayed on mattresses as well as on overcoats, but please note: After application, the room should remain closed for about 20 minutes so that the murderous effect of the spray can fully unfold. After that you should ventilate the room as long as possible.

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